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365 Hippy sales an array of organic teas and body care products. Since 2014, 365's CEO Jas Morris, has been making organic skin products for herself as well as family and friends. In 2019, she branched off into blending her own detox teas. The rest is history. 

365 Hippy embodies the idea that everything in nature should be used for healing purposes, which is its original design. Everything here on earth has a purpose and a place, 365 finds the positive attributes and qualities in EVERYTHING, and we highlight that. You can taste and feel those positive vibrations in each and everyone of our products. Let's get back to nature, that's the Hippy Way.


Believe in the Balance, Trust the Process.

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Try our Top Selling  Detox "Hippy" Tea

Our detox tea is a gentle laxative that is 100% organic. Enjoy the sweet taste of honey with a hint of ginger for an all natural cleanse that is sure to promote digestive health. 

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