Frequently asked questions

What is the difference in the detox and tummy tea?

This is the most common question I get asked on a daily basis. Well the answer is simple, one is a detox used to rid your body of toxins and waste. While the tummy tea is a green tea based fat burner, used to speed up your metabolism and slim your waist.

How often will I go while detoxing?

This answer depends on your diet. EX. If you have a fairly healthy diet, your results will be a one or two time flush with a delayed time of about 8-10 hours. If you eat a poor diet, your results will be a three to four time flush, with a 6-8 hour delay, and moderate cramping. *If you have gone several times and the cramping persist you could possibly be going into dehydration, start drinking water immediately.

How do I sign up for training?

If you're interested in training, please contact me. Do not hesitate, I want to get you on the road to a healthier lifestyle. Email: 365hippy@gmail.com ( Please give 24 hours for a responding email.) Telephone: (251) 239-6294 (A live agent will be glad to assist you)

How do I become a Hippy Ambassador?

Hippy Ambassadors are the customer services agents for 365 Hippy. Their post, videos, comments, and shares make it possible for this company to grow bigger and better daily. They're the legs and arms of this body, and they understand their importance and do not take it lighly. They go through an eight hour training and receive products to help promote and support the brand as well as a 15% a discount code for their friends and family. If this is something that interest you please email me at 365hippy@gmail.com.